Hans Mäenpää




Construction worker (Unfortunately still a better construction worker than skiier)


I like long training sessions and i lack the speed of a proper sprinter.

When did you start training?

Started working out after smoking for 15 years with mainly running and marathons. 2011 I did my first Vasaloppet on 4:40. After that I've been focusing on endurance races. This year I have a own coach so now we're on for real!

What's your favourite race?

Marcialonga is my favourite, Vasaloppet is also cool!


Nordensköldsloppet 2016 was a good experience and it also went pretty well, I finished on 22.a

How much do you train?

Cirka 600-700h

Goals for the 2016-2017 season?

To participate in as many Visma Ski Classic races as possible and a top 50 place would be awesome!