Ski Team Mäenpää


It all started about 10 years ago when a group of construction workers decided to stop smoking and start exercising. The Mäenpää brothers: Hans, Tomas and Johan then only had one goal, to run a marathon in under three hours. Today the team and the goals have grown, nephews Viktor and Hannes as well as Henrik Ekstrand was lured into the team.


Cross country skiing and especially endurance races is what interests the guys most. The annual highlight stays the same year after year, the classic Vasaloppet. Especially Hans has during the last years fought over the Finnish top positions which isn’t bad considering he’s a full time construction worker and started training properly in his 30’s.

Season 2016-2017

Season 2016-2017 will be yet another milestone for Skiteam Mäenpää, we’ll participate as an association in the Visma Ski Classics Tour. At least Ari Luusua, Christoffer Lindvall, Hans, Hannes and Viktor Mäenpää will get to compete with the absolute elite of endurance skiing. We’re looking forward to a season when we’ll yet another step towards the elite endurance associations. Follow our journey on our blog, facebook och instagram.

Main sponsor

Ski team Mäenpää is a Finnish long distance skiing team that participates in Visma Ski Classics in 2016–2017 season. Team’s main sponsor is construction company Mäenpää Byggnads Ab, owned by brothers Mats and Kim Mäenpää. Originating from Pietarsaari, Finnish Ostrobothnia, Mäenpää Byggnads Ab today has a turnover of about €30 million. The goal of the cooperation is to grow interest in long distance skiing in Finland and in the long term to build a strong and competitive long distance skiing team.