Ski Team Mäenpää


SkiTeam Mäenpää is a registered cross-country skiing club since 2015 and a member of the Finnish Ski Association. The club also has a team of elite long-distance skiers, Team Mäenpää, that competes in the ski marathons of the Visma Ski Classics cup, both in the Nordics and in Europe. This activity is completely sponsored.

Season 2021-2022

We look forward to being able to challenge others in the upcoming season with a team that is even better than our team in the previous season. In the fall the team will have training camps in Livigno, Mallorca and Idre Fjäll before the season kicks off on December 18th with the pace race of  Orsa Grönklitt. This season the members of Team Mäenpää are Hans Mäenpää, Viktor Mäenpää, Hannes Mäenpää and Christoffer Lindvall. Our female athletes are Anne Kyllönen and Julia Häger . We are looking for new professional team members to join us. Follow us during the season on Facebook and Instagram.

Main sponsor

Ski Team Mäenpää is a Finnish long distance skiing team that participates in Visma Ski Classics in 2021–2022 season. The team’s main sponsor is GRK Infra Ab. Other important sponsors are NCE , Idre Fjäll and MKM Solutions Ab . The goal of the cooperation is to grow interest in long distance skiing in Finland and in the long term to build a strong and competitive long distance skiing team.